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Nueva versión del Software 1.6


New webcams supported, data compression, and much more...


The new software version 1.6 introduces the following news:

  • Support for the new Logitech C920 webcam with integrated hardware data compression. Click here for further information.
  • If the webcams are connected to a different USB port than the last time, the software resets its settings and asks to reconfigure it via its window.
  • Compression of the database containing data from Optojump bar sensors. This means that the disk space used by the .SDF file is reduced by 60%
    Tests, which have already been carried out, can be compressed only by viewing them (after they have been viewed, the data are compressed), or using the function COMPACT under Utility > Database. NOTE: Once the database has been opened with this version, it cannot be used again with previous versions.
  • Improved (de)serialization of sensor data: opening a long test, such as a 1-minute treadmill gait test, now takes only 2 seconds (almost 10 times faster than in the previous versions).
  • In the secondary parameters of Run/Gait Tests on modular systems it is possible to set DISCARD the first and last N steps, if, for example, they are not clear (e.g. the foot was not completely inside the test area at the beginning and at the end of the test lane). The two parameters 'Discard first/last steps' can substitute the previous 'Consider first step', which has been removed.
    If the first parameter Filter Foot at start/end of system is set to Yes, if the first footprint has less LEDs than the foot of the previous patient's foot measurement and touches the start/end of the system, it is removed..

  • When choosing a Test (Test > Execute) or during a Filter in the Results section, the Predefined Tests and/or those created by the user (Customized) can be excluded:

  • 5 new protocols created by the BiggerFasterStronger (BFS) chain with customized reports. 
  • In the athlete's form you can add quickly a athlete in several groups or subgroups (button <Add to a Group>).