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New software version 1.2.15 fixes an issue with Logitech Webcams C920

How to fix webcam issue after windows 10 1803 update

La versión 1.12 introduce dos nuevos protocolos, una nueva sección en el módulo GMF y algunas pequeñas novedades

Possible issues with webcams after Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The “Spring Release 2014” brings several new elements to the table, such as the Media Gallery, Statistics Charts, the metronome, March in Place protocol!

Version 1.8 introduces important changes regarding the use of the 2D bars with OptoJump, the use of external devices - such as heart-rate monitors - and the Witty timer and much more.

After patch MS13-057/KB 2803821/KB 2834904 videos are blank or rendered half-size.

Some interesting news for this year-end release

Watch as track star Lolo Jones uses cutting edge technology like OptoJump Next
to help in her training, in a sport where mere hundredths of a second can be the difference between glory and going home.

New webcams supported, data compression, and much more...

Among other new features, the new version introduces the 'Run Report', the Parameter Template, and a new protocol.

Our american partner SRC Sales creates funny and didactic videos.

Christophe Lemaitre, Europe Champion of 100m and 200m

La nueva versión del software introduce dos interesantes protocolos para la evaluación de la "estabilidad dinámica" y para el entrenamiento de la velocidad y de la agilidad.

An intermediate release (1.3.20) introducing important new features

Ha sido lanzada una nueva actualización del software (1.3) con muchas novedades y mejoras.

La nueva versión del software 1.2 con muchísimas novedades está ahora disponible
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