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OptoJump Next 3 cm

Herewith we inform you that from 1st September 2014 the product “Optojump Next 3 cm” will be discontinued and won’t be produced anymore.

Because of its hardware limits that don’t enable the user to take advantage of all the potentiality of Optojump Next software, we have decided to remove it from the market even if we will keep on supporting it in case of repair/replacements.

Until 31st December 2015, it will be possible to order extra bars (article codes: $OJN007 and $OJN008) for customers who want to extend their system.

Orders of bars with interface (article codes: $OJN005 and $OJN006) won’t be accepted anymore.

Optojump Next is much more than a tool for the evaluation of vertical jumps and the 1 cm system allows a more advanced performance analysis, open to new implementations (drift protocols, 3hops, march in place, two-dimensional systems, system on treadmill, etc.)