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OptoJump Old Model

Hardware and Software (Old Model – not NEXT model)

 “Old Model” OptoJump (not the Next version) completed its life cycle at the end of 2008. We have provided support for more than 4 years, but from 30th September 2013 on we won’t be able to give technical support in case of product malfunction and to satisfy your requests about software anymore (even if we still have spare parts in stock and even if we still can, after confirmation, proceed with the repair on hardware). 

Currently, (according to our tests done on 30th September 2013), the system, provided with serial/Usb ATEN adaptor with the last driver release, works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 both 32-bit and 64-bit versions (we haven’t tested it on Apple Macintosh operating systems, neither on virtual machines on Parallels/Fusion, nor with Bootcamp).

Using the new Software OptoJump Next “OB” (OldBars) with the old hardware

To ensure a period of transition to the owners of the old OptoJump, we had offered a Kit that includes a special version of the OptoJumpNEXT software (called "OB") and a webcam with tripod.

The development of this special software version (that needed an activation password linked to the Pc where installed) was suspended in 2011 (last version: 1.5.1) due to the limits of the old hardware. This software as well won’t be supported anymore from 30th September 2013 on.

This software version is still available here for download (ATTENTION: USE IT ONLY IF YOU BOUGHT THE “OB” LICENCE AND YOU OWN THE OLD HARDWARE ILLUSTRATED BELOW):

Downloads Software OptoJumpNext "OB" version: